3: Do you have recurring dreams?

I don’t remember if I fell down a waterfall or if there was a waterfall near me – but I was near a waterfall, and I was underwater, and I was drowning

And then dream Dom was like HEY I CAN’T BREATHE!

And I was trying to swim to the surface and stuff, and I can actually swim so this shouldn’t have been an issue, but I didn’t make it to the surface. And then dream Dom thought, “If I scream it’ll be okay.”

Dominique Moore

3: Do you have recurring dreams?

I walk into my parent's old house, and go straight to the bathroom. I look into the humongous mirror, and my mirror self pulls me into the mirror.

I wake up freaking out every single time.

I'm into my 20s now and haven't lived with my parents for a few years now.