2 : What is your earliest memory?

The first time I had a Wendy’s chicken nugget, I was five. I remember they used to come in those little containers – you know the ones they have fries in?

And my dad said, “This is a chicken nugget. Try one.”

He dipped one in ketchup and put it in my mouth… and it was pure bliss.

That first moment of eating a chicken nugget dipped in ketchup – that was so… I’m trying to think of a synonym for orgasmic. It was so amazing. There’s absolutely no way I can forget it.

Sachin Pendse

2 : What is your earliest memory?

I remember a lot of blue.

When I was younger – this was when I was only a few months old – I lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with my parents.

Our house had a pool in the backyard, and my mom had left me sitting at the side of the pool. She must have turned her back only for a few seconds, but I guess I leaned too far forward and fell into the water.

Growing up, I was pretty afraid of going into deep water until my middle school in Taiwan made learning how to swim a mandatory gym unit.

Tiffany Chen